How to use Trophy Rock

Trophy Rock is the most effective natural mineral supplement available, and serious hunters who care about antler size and herd health swear they've never seen a better product. Trophy Rock improves whole herd health and will keep the deer coming back again and again, but it isn't a bait product and shouldn't be used as one. Here's how to get the most out of Trophy Rock.


It's important to choose a secluded area for your Trophy Rock site so the deer don't feel nervous. If the deer aren't comfortable near your Trophy Rock, they may visit irregularly or only at night. Placing Trophy Rock in a staging area or near a bedding area usually works well.

Site Setup

Trophy Rock will last longer if you place it off the ground on a stump or rock. (If there isn't a good stump or rock, place it on a high spot or bump.)

Deer will find your Trophy Rock the first time they walk downwind from your site, so it's a good idea to place it near a trail or intersection of trails.

Trail Cameras

Trophy Rock is the perfect companion for trail cameras. Choose a high-quality camera with a large memory card so you won't have to disturb the site often to retrieve your pictures.

Position your camera to the north or south of your Trophy Rock, otherwise the sun will ruin a whole lot of your pictures! To get the best pictures (and improve your chances of winning our trail cam contest) keep your rock on a stump or off the ground for more impressive pictures.

July and August will bring the most bucks to your rock as long as you have it established and keep your visits to a minimum.

Rock Replacement

You should replace your Trophy Rock when it is about the size of your fist. (Deer will keep coming back even after the rock is gone completely, but they get more benefit when they lick directly on a rock instead of scraping for the minerals that leach into the surrounding soil.)

If you've heard that deer don't use mineral licks during the winter, set up a trail cam and Trophy Rock site next winter and see for yourself! Your herd needs fewer minerals during winter months, but the need doesn't go away entirely.

Trophy Rock users have uploaded plenty of winter pictures in our online gallery.

Early Spring: Preparation

Customers who have the most success with Trophy Rock tell us they start early. Make Trophy Rock available to your deer during the early spring months when antler development is just beginning. Trace minerals have a huge effect on developing antlers, and Trophy Rock has more than 60 naturally-occurring trace minerals.

Don't forget to mount a trail camera overlooking your Trophy Rock site! We're give away some amazing prizes in our Trail Cam Contest!

Summer: Anticipation

Keep your Trophy Rock site fresh! Minerals from the rock will leach into the soil, and your deer will dig deep holes to get to them, but they'll get the most health benefit (and they're more likely to stick around) when they can lick directly on Trophy Rock.

If you have a trail cam, summer is a great season to keep track of your herd as they come back to your Trophy Rock site again and again.

Fall: Success

Here's where it gets a little tricky. Some states have rules about how close to the hunt products like Trophy Rock can be available to your herd, so respect your local regulations. The good news is, if you've kept your Trophy Rock site fresh all summer your herd will come back even after the rock is gone to dig up minerals that leach into the surrounding soil.

Some of the most popular user photos in our photo gallery come from users who can show the same deer visiting the Rock in spring, summer, and in a harvest photo.

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