Questions About Trophy Rock

What is Trophy Rock made of?

We don't actually "make" Trophy Rock, we just take what nature made and pass it along to you. Trophy Rock is nature's blend of more than 50 trace minerals – 91% sea salt, and 9% trace minerals. That 9% may not sound like much, but it makes all the difference in herd health and antler growth, and it's why Trophy Rock has such a great track record. Unlike almost every other attractant, Trophy Rock is chemical-free and safe all year long for all animals – even humans!

How do you use Trophy Rock?

Trophy Rock is a mineral supplement, not just a quick bait you can toss on the ground the week before a hunt. If you want the results Trophy Rock is famous for, learn how to use it over on our Trophy Rock tips & tricks page.

How long does Trophy Rock last?

That depends on the size of your herd, on how humid it is in your neck of the woods, and how many storms you get. But Trophy Rock typically outlasts other supplements by an easy margin.

What makes Trophy Rock unique?

Trophy Rock fans tell us it's the best attractant they've ever used, but aside from that, Trophy Rock is unlike anything else out there. Trophy Rock is a 100% natural, year-round wildlife supplement that is loaded with trace minerals and weathers many times longer than other supplements. We're so confident it's safe and beneficial, we'll even lick it ourselves! How many other attractants can say that?

How did Trophy Rock get started?

In 1995, a Tennessee hunter named Joe Anderson was hunting mule deer in Colorado when he noticed all the animals visiting a slick looking red rock. Joe was sure Tennessee whitetail deer would go crazy for this rock, so he tracked down the source and started talking with us. After years of testing and experimentation, we officially launched Trophy Rock in 2002.

Where does Trophy Rock come from?

Trophy Rock is mined here in the United States from hundreds of feet below the surface of the earth. Our parent company, Redmond Minerals, owns about 600 acres surrounding the mineral deposit in Central Utah.

Will you run out of Trophy Rock?

Nope! We like to joke that we'll run out of air in the mine before we run out of Trophy Rock – geologists tell us the deposit is 5,000 feet deep, and our mine is 300 feet deep so far.

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