Trophy Rock Company and Heritage

Trophy Rock is not just another deer attractant, it is the most effective natural mineral lick out there. We mine Trophy Rock from a deposit hundreds of feet below the earth's surface in rural Utah, where nature has loaded it with more than 50 trace minerals that can make a huge difference in herd health and antler development.

Trophy RockBut Trophy Rock isn't all about bigger racks. We believe hunting is a journey--one best enjoyed with respect, with your friends and loved ones, and without damaging the health of the animals just to grow trophy bucks. That's why we sell Trophy Rock. You'll be impressed by the antlers, come harvest time, but you'll be amazed at the long-term effects. When Trophy Rock is used effectively, the whole herd is stronger, healthier, and more likely to stay near your Trophy Rock stations.

Legend has it that Native Americans knew about Trophy Rock long before any of us were around. Of course they didn't call it Trophy Rock, but it's said that Fremont indians observed deer licking the ground above what is now the Trophy Rock mine. With this legend in mind, two brothers used hand picks and shovels to mine the first rock salt from our deposit in 1959. When local ranchers started telling them how much better the rock was for their cattle herds, they knew they'd stumbled onto something unique. Eventually their business became known as Redmond Minerals, Inc, our parent company. We don't use hand picks and shovels much these days, but our customers still rave about how amazing the Rock is!