Trophy Rock Team Members

Blake Butler

Blake Butler Blake manages the Trophy Rock customer service center and handles sales inquiries in the West. He's been hunting since he got his first BB gun, and developed a talent for elk calling when he was still a young boy. These days he's mastered calls for all kinds of big game, so if you're hiking out West you never really know if you're hearing an elk bugle or if it's just Blake.

Blake's wife and four kids each own a bow and love shooting together at their home in Aurora, Utah. One of Blake's favorite hunts ended with his wife harvesting her first bull elk, with Blake right over her shoulder, calling him in closer.

Gene Price

Gene Price Gene manages public and industry relations for Trophy Rock, along with the sales in the Northeast.

Gene was raised in Ohio's farming country and spent most of his childhood outdoors, watching giant midwest whitetail deer. He harvested his first buck when he was nine years old, and his passion for hunting grew until he eventually made a career in the hunting industry.

Gene still lives in the Ohio countryside with his wife and two kids, who love to hunt almost as much as he does. "The best days hunting are the ones spent creating unforgettable memories with my wife or kids," Gene says, and working with Trophy Rock gives him the opportunity to help hunters everywhere create those memories for themselves.

Joe Anderson

Joe Anderson Joe is the “grandfather� of the Trophy Rock movement. He first saw the “funny looking rock� around 1995 while archery hunting for mule deer. Curious as to how whitetails would react to it, he brought some back to Tennessee. The question was soon answered by the immediate attraction to it by the local herd in Williamson County.

After a couple years using “borrowed� rocks he researched the rock and the mine it came from. It was then he found that it contained many valuable minerals that would assist in overall animal health and therefore antler growth. The next step was to start sharing Trophy Rock with other hunters in the area. Originally through word of mouth only, Trophy Rock has now expanded nationwide.

Besides promoting the rock, Joe is an avid hunter having harvested approximately 250 whitetails. Weapon of choice being the bow. Joe has the sales responsibility for the southeast. He and his wife Janie now reside in western Kentucky where he constantly looks for that close up encounter with the local big deer. Early on as the rock business grew he had to cancel his trips out west, but in 2010 was able to take his first bull elk. It came as a result of drawing a black powder tag in Utah. Now at the top of his bucket list is a bull with his bow. Stay tuned!

Todd Nemelka

Todd Nemelka Todd worked for Redmond Minerals (our parent company) for seven years before he joined the Trophy Rock team and discovered his real passion in the hunting industry. He works on sales and marketing in the Midwest, and has completed the QDMA stewardship course on whitetail management (level one).

As a boy, Todd spent a lot of time hunting and fishing with his Dad and developed a real love for the mountains. He and his wife live in Heber City, Utah, with their five kids, and he loves sharing his many hunting adventures with his sons. Many of Todd's happiest moments have been with his family enjoying the outdoors.